3-Way Premium Tippers

The K-wagon heritage comes from this range of 3-way premium tippers. In Sweden, we have wagons that have been used for 25 years in professional use, and the just keep going.

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3-Way Premium High Tippers

Based on our 3-way premium tippers with an added functionality which allows high tipping. Very appreciated  when collecting leaves.

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K-Offroad is a robust top quality boggi wagon with a load capacity of 1200 kg. It comes with electro hydraulic tipping as standard and is the best solution for moving material in rough terrain.

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Containers for Front loaders

Smart Containers that can be used to collect whatever you want. Individualized built to fit the tractor, front loader that you want to use.

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Leaf Loaders

Based on our broad platform of premium wagons, we have for 30 years provided the Nordics with the leading leaf vacuum solution.

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Light Dumpers

Dumpers from 1000 kg to 6000 kg. Constructed to handle rough handling. Fits smaller to medium sized tractors, loaders or other municipal vehicles.

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Heavy Dumpers

Dumpers from 6000 kg to 15 000 kg. Our K-Schakt wagons are designed to bigger tractors or other large towers. Well-equipped to a competetive price.

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We are the Swedish leading company in building premium wagons for municipal industry, but we have also other attractive products that we offer on this site! Everything you buy is built with pure professional Swedish handcraft. That's why buying our products always is a good deal in the long run!

Welcome to K-Wagon solutions!